Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Banana Blues

So I will always look at bananas with a tender heart after my kids have grown up since that is their favorite thing to have first thing every morning. I don't know how we started the habit, but every morning the boys wake up and ask for their banana immediately. For the second one Eli it has become a sort of "coffee" of sorts for him, when he doesn't have his banana he is a little cranky ;), so it seems. So, when they watch me peel their bananas they start shouting out like an auction, "My banana!! That's my banana!!" So yesterday and today I told them that its not a good way to ask for a banana, they should be polite and wait quietly. Well, Luke picked that up quickly, because this morning he was completely quiet while I peeled the banana, while little brother was going off as usual. So of course I gave the first banana to Luke since he was being polite. Little Eli did not take this lesson very well.... So I gave Eli the next one and he got very scrunched up in his face and bursted out crying, "that was my banana" (pointing to Luke's) So after I handed Eli the second banana, he took it and went and threw it in the trash, I guess to show me how much he was mad at me for giving Luke "his" banana. HAHAHAHA! Wow, was that a two year old tantrum! So, needless to say, Eli had no banana this morning before breakfast... and he was not too happy about it. I didn't get a picture of the moment, but I thought this banana picture I found was appropriate. Long drawn out story, and you probably had to be there, but if you know Eli you can picture it pretty well and now I have this great story to keep and tell his kids one day! ;)


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