Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WHOA! lOng TiMe no WRITE!

So it has been a really really long time since I have blogged, about a year and a half to be specific. It's amazing how time flies and how it drags at the same time raising two little boys. I have felt like I need to probably record our experiences, but never feel like I have time to pick up a pen. So then I thought, hey I could just do it on my blog, I have heard you can make a book out of these things? I am really out of it when it comes to the blogging world. I have really not quite understood the benefits of it, until recently. One being it's ok for it to benefit only me! =) Before I felt like I had to try to be the best blog on the block, but now that I found out I can print this out (one day), it kind of gave me a new motivation. I really want to write down how the boys are growing and what they are saying and capture all the moments before they all slip away like I feel like they are already starting to do! So, if you are reading this, bare with me, this will be like reading my journal of life with the boys (big one included). The above picture makes me smile anytime I look at it, how could it not? We were out for a walk with the boys and the dog around the block, and this is little Eli riding on Daddy's shoulders, with "his bobo showing" as big brother Luke pointed out. Love that little bobo! Such a sweet time and memory as we just moved into Fredericksburg from the country life. It is a little sad to leave the ranch and the MANY memories we made there, but super exciting to start this toddler/boy raising in a great small town that allows for enjoyable walks like the one pictured =)


Nate said...

Starting him on the gangster track early, huh? ;)

Lindsey said...

Yes! =) Diapers cause the darndest things! ;)

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