Friday, February 5, 2010

.."Red and Yellow, BLACK & WHITE, they are precious in His sight!"

The verse from "Jesus Loves the Little Children" rings very true lately for me having two children now. Jesus loves us no matter what and I can see why now that I have two boys and I love both of them so much even though they are as different as black and white! I have loved seeing Eli's personality lately coming out more and more.  Kelby and I are amazed all the time at how Luke
and Eli are so different!  This past week we all had scratches on our faces from Eli, every single one of us! It was so funny to me, like we had all been in a battle, but it wasn't, it was just playing with Eli that got us all scratched! He has a rough kind of playful way of showing his love! He is very very active too. When he is awake he wants to be moving all the time.  He army crawled for about 6 months because he was so extremely fast at it, now he has finally perfected his regular crawling to full speed and is always following brother wherever he goes! Anytime you are close up with Eli watch out because you might get a high five to the face!  I won't even go into what it is like when I nurse him! It's quick I can tell you that! HAHA! I love him so much and I have enjoyed this new personality that has come into our family very very much! Eli is VERY smiley and thrives on interaction constantly! It is such a joy to have a laid back one and a fast one, it makes life much more interesting! Eli really acts much older for his age than he is, he really has never liked any baby toys, probably because he just wants what brother is playing with. So, we have always wondered,"what does this baby like to play with?" Well, we have discovered that Eli is only really occupied for a long period by something that he has to figure out, he loves trying to get stacking cups to work and make them go together and come apart!  If we want him to be silent at the kitchen table we now know we have to give him something to "work" on, he gets so happy when he is "working"!  Like I have said before Eli is super busy and constantly on the move, one way we help him to get that out is crawling back and forth with brother (or sometimes while brother is napping) through the "hole"/"pipe" (tunnel).  He loves playing peek a boo around it and crawling to get to someone.  I am very thankful we have multiple tunnels to entertain him and his busyness!  He is our rock 'em sock 'em, rumbler tumbler, baby rambo, and him and his big brother are so precious in our sight!


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