Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Valentines, Sunny Days, and SNOW!

It has been a really really fast month, once again, I think the months keep getting faster and faster! I think I shared this before or maybe I didn't. Having a second baby you really are more aware of how fast it goes, and I am so aware it makes me teary eyed often! When I am holding Eli I am trying to remember Luke at that age and I can remember glimpses but of course it's not exactly the same, so it makes me sad that my Eli and Luke are getting so big, and these days of holding and helping babies with everything will soon be gone! I just love love love these babies, every minute with them is so precious! I don't always think that way, but I know I should!  We had a fun time in Houston this month, we got to see our baby niece/cousin turn 1! I took on the challenging and fun feat of making her cake, it was great fun, except the boys didn't like the lack of attention they got during mommy's kitchen explosion at Grandma's house. I am a messy cook, but not near as messy as when I BAKE! WOW! I am a MESSY baker, glad my parent's have lots of mercy for me, because I really really made their kitchen messy! We had a great time though with family and friends, playing with bubbles, and of course eating cup cakes, which was Luke's favorite part! We have had some great days outside too, but I have pictures from this past Sunday, which was an absolutely beautiful day right before it snowed!!! We got a new jogging stroller and the boys love it, they love getting to be right next to each other!  When it snowed it was great, we let Luke play out in it and he loved it, he even said, "Thank you for the snow Mommy!" It made me laugh really hard, Luke says a lot of things lately that make Kelby and I laugh so hard.  We threw some snow balls and even did some snow angels, Mommy took one for the team! HAHA!


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