Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christmas 2009- one to remember!

I went through my pictures the other night, and I had forgotten to post some pictures from Christmas time. I will remember this Christmas because it was really one of the first year's I got to see the joy of Christmas shown through my own child. It was so great hearing Luke singing Christmas songs everyday and wanting to watch every Christmas, or "snow movie" as he calls them, we owned! We started the month off by going to the Parade of Lights in Fredericksburg, which is so pretty because all the floats decorate with lights and it's at night. We brought cousin Abby a long with us and it was FREEZING, but we watched it from my suburban and stayed warm. Luke really enjoyed it!  The next weekend we celebrated Kelby's birthday here at our house. Just our family and his parents, and I made him a spice cake, that I don't want to brag about, but it was GRRRREAT! It was also, wheat free and dairy free which is always a bonus!  He even got to blow out his candles, I love birthdays! The next event last month was Christmas with Karen's family which I always enjoy! Luke had his first chocolate chip cookie! He liked it, but he hasn't asked for another one since.... hehehe.

He got to run around with his cousin's, his buddy Emmy, and get to see his great grandparent's and great aunts and all that good stuff! We spent Christmas day here at home for the first half of the day. Mia and Bubby, Kelby's parent's came over at 7 a.m., God bless them, to see the boys wake up to their presents. It was so great to see Luke's face when he woke up, his sleepy eyes, big hair and all. He took a lot of time with each present and enjoyed each one, forgetting there were more, hope it stays that way, but I am sure it won't. It really made it so much more fun and more memorable! We ate lunch down at Mia and Bubby's and then Luke and Eli took the new jeep out for a spin, which was awesome! Kelby's cousin left the jeeps here at our ranch since they moved to Wyoming, so Bubby got a new battery before Christmas day, so Luke could try it out! It was so cute to see his face..... He even gave brother a ride! Gosh there are a lot of things we did over the holidays, no wonder Eli is sleeping through the night now! HAHA! I tried to do them all in order, but I am going to have to rewind, one weekend we also went to see the lights in Johnson City, it's a big thing around here. The small town of Johnson City decorates with tons of lights! The boys loved it!


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