Monday, January 18, 2010

Here goes......

Well, I have decided to try to make record of my family and what is going on here at our home. I am not very good at keeping up with the boys' baby books, so maybe this will be easier for me, since it's on the computer, who knows. I don't know if I can really manage an email, facebook, and a blog, but why not give it a shot right? I am not really sure either what the difference is in a blog, twitter, facebook, and all of that stuff. But I guess if I start this and don't really thinking it is serving any purpose I can just stop! HAHA! Ok, so right now, it is about 3:25 in the afternoon, I have been trying to put the boys down for an earlier nap around 1ish compared to 2ish, so that they can still have some time outside before the sun goes down, after their nap. So, so far it has been working great. One problem is that I have one little boy who doesn't really think he needs much more than about an hour to sleep. I have seen him take a couple of 3 hour naps, so I know he can, just don't know what brings those on! There is no rhyme or reason with this baby Eli! So, today, we went outside to enjoy this beautiful sunshiney day! Luke was having fun jumping on my shadow and running after it, when he all of a sudden fell down! It was so sad, he cried very hard, and having Eli on my back I tried very hard to console him as best I could! So, we went to Mia's house to "to make it better". Luke wanted to tell Mia about his boo boo. So we went to Mia and Bubby's, Luke had some fun with Bubby, had a sandwich, then we came back home. When we got home I put Eli down, because of course he was tired, so I thought. He went right to sleep, so I came out and bandaged Luke's boo boo up again, and put him to sleep. Right after I got out of his room, Eli starts crying, yeah, he slept about 30 minutes! So I let him cry while I ate my lunch and started my bible study, because I was starving, and I thought surely he will go back to sleep. No such luck, he was crying so hard I had to go and check if he pooped, did the famous bottom sniff, no poop. So I rocked him a bit more, laid him down, and he cried some more, yep I just made it worse by going in there, he never went to sleep, and is up with me right now actually while I write this, but looking VERY sleepy, I might try him again! His big brother of course is nice and snug and sleeping right through all of the crying and even a knock from little brother on his door to come out and play! Oh the joys of napping! So, I guess that is all for now, I just don't think anyone will read this, I didn't know what else to write for my first blog, hopefully I can make my life a little more exciting! HEHEEEEEE!!!!


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