Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

Ok, so I am so new to this, I only have one follower, my sweet sister in law Danielle. So here you go Danielle! HEHE.... Hopefully I can get some more people to read this stuff! I guess it will be interesting to family members? Anyways, ok, no more messing around, this is actually meant to catch everyone up on what has been going on around the Greathouse Ranch since we have been home from Christmas.....There are a couple of big events that have happened and then there are just some small moments that are precious to my heart and I think you will enjoy too. First big event is Luke getting a new bed! So thankful to "Deedaw" for letting us use Aunt Nina's old bunk beds, which we are using as twin beds for now until the boys get bigger. He was so so excited when he saw his new big boy room.
                    We put some of his big boy toys in there that we don't really like Eli playing with and we also put his new tent he got from Aunt Kim up so he would have a fun place to hang out.  I told him that when his Deedaw comes to see him she will sleep in the extra bed, and so now of course that bed is called "Deedaw's bed".  Our next big event that has happened, is just about 5 days ago Eli tried his first baby food, which was broccoli! I know I am so mean, but I am doing this for his own good! HEHEHE.... I can't wait to put these pictures on, because as you will see the pictures say it all!!! They are really hilarious! So, with out further ado, here is Eli trying his first bite of food......

Um... Mom? What is this stuff??!!! 

Whoa! That's nasty!

Yeah, I don't really like it.....

Oh no.....

Yep, still nasty!

Oh, gag me!

No.. I think I might actually throw up!
Ok, I have had it!! That is enough!! Come on!

Yeah, brother, sorry, that stuff smells horrible!

Ok, I don't know about you, but these pictures have had me belly laughing the whole time I was uploading them, maybe it's just because I was there, but I hope they made you smile atleast. It has been quite a task trying to get him to try food, I am hoping it is just the broccoli he is not partial to and not food in general! I think that is all I have for tonight, as for the other stuff I was going to write about I will finish tomorrow.... Sleepy!! Goodnight!


Cooper said...

Luke's room is such a big boy room! I love it! It looks great!!!! Eli is so funny... I cannot believe those pictures they had me laughing pretty darn hard.

Cooper said...

Oh, and I totally agree with Luke about the smell of broccoli... my house has reeked of it for a month now. But, I cant avoid it because it is Madison's favorite =)

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