Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good morning!

Now I feel like I can finish from last night's catch up entry with a fresh mind! Eli has been sleeping through the night 3 nights in a row so far 12 hours!!! PRAISE BE TO GOD!!! He is so good to give me good sleep! I love it! I think that he is giving me sleep for my bible study because he is going to show me big things through it! AMEN! Ok, so continuing my catch up.  There really is not much to catch up with left, just this and that of some things I recall that made my heart smile, and some of them have pictures to go with them, some do not. Ok, so first off, Mia has been watching both the boys for me while I go to bible study, which is SO huge!!!! It is so great to be able to go to bible study and really "be" there! Her and Bubby are so dear to us and this picture of her with the boys says it all! It shows so much love from both sides! I have enjoyed watching them with her lately. Eli already gets so excited when she comes over and "dives" out of my arms for her! I love it!

        The other night, I was getting ready to put Eli down, and that has been quite a challenge lately with his teething. Once he's down he's down, but getting there takes a little bit of "wrestling" on my part. Lots of rocking and trying to get him to calm down! So, the other night, I handed him to Kelby and said, "Ok I just need a little break, I will finish getting Luke's pj's on." Then my sweet little Luke chimed in, "You can do it Mama, it's pun (fun), just try it!"  Oh WOW! Kelby and I just laughed with joy so much! How sweet is that? He was encouraging me! I did feel so encouraged too. It is so sweet the things kids say and we are getting into that season with Luke, where his words are meaning more and he knows what he is saying. I just loved that and had to share!  The rest of our time lately has been playing, playing, and more playing! As many of you know I have been fasting facebook this year. It has been awesome, I love the extra time it gives me. More than anything it helps me to have more time with the boys to just sit and be engaged with them, same with Kelby. He comes home, poor guy, tired from work and just plops on the floor and is at their "disposal" for wrestling, blocks, or whatever Luke thinks up! I truly love it, and don't know why I would even want to bring facebook back in, but I think that I am going to use it as an example, that facebook is just for me and for my time, when the boys are sleeping! I really want to try and stick with that this year! The boys have been playing so so good lately. Luke has really started to like to play with Eli and Eli puts up with brother in his own way. 


Kim said...

Hey Sister, dear. Thanks for letting me know about your Blog. I love it! REALLY love it! You know I feel so out of the loop since I don't get to see you guys regularly, so this is a perfect way for me to know what's going on in the Greathouse family! I love ALL the pictures. Each and every one is precious. So, have you tried any other foods with Eli? I'm in my office at work and I was laughing out loud at his pictures. OMG! It just made my day! And I LOVE Lukes room. It's awesome! Please tell Kelby "great glasses" for me. Ha! I thoroughly enjoyed your entire Blog. I'm so excited to be a part of it! Thanks! Love you all, Kim

Lori King said...

Hey!! For some reason I can't add you to follow your blog--don't know why--I tried. Let me know if you figure it out!! : ) Cute pictures of my favorite nephews!!

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